Day 22 How is it lonely…?

Delimit My Life

The question I was asked: How is it lonely if you were with someone willing to dance with you?

Some background, I went to my high school prom with a friend and, although I had a date, I ended up feeling lonely the whole night. That would seem a little counter-intuitive since I had a date for the entire night and someone to dance with.  Well loneliness is an internal feeling so in some ways it was my fault.

Let’s see, what circumstances would lead me to feeling lonely on my prom night? Wow, just saying that made my whole experience sound cliché. First, I would probably have to not know my date very well and not have a lot in common to talk about. Check! Second, my date would not dance with me directly. All right a little difficult since its prom. Solution, she would rather dance in a…

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